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Frequently Asked Questions

All the essential information-  and the boring T&Cs.

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Where do we meet?

We meet at Lost & Found, Princess Street Knutsford WA16 6BW.  Aim to be there for an 11 am start.

How long is a tour?

Approximately 3 hours. Just enough time to fall in love with Knutsford. Once the tour is over you can go back and re-visit your tour favourites and have a beverage in one of the many bar/restaurants that you discovered on the tour. Give yourself some time after the tour to hang out in the town and shop at some of the great little shops we have.  If you like heritage pop in to Knutsford ‘s Heritage Centre just off King Street.

Are there comfort breaks?

Of course.  Your tour guide will keep you very happy and comfortable and let you know when the next opportunity is coming up.

How much walking is involved?

Not more than you can handle!  The pace is usually good for everyone.  We are on our feet for approximately 3 hours.

How do I get there?

Knutsford is conveniently located closed to the M6 and M56 making driving to Knutsford extremely easy.  Please note due to the length of the tour it is best to park your car at King Street WA16 0BS, Old Market Place WA16 6EX, Princess Street WA16 6BU or Tatton Street WA16 6AG.

Knutsford Railway station is located in the centre of town.  Monday to Saturday there are services to and from Manchester Piccadilly, Stockport, Altrincham and Chester.

How many people do you take on a tour?

15 people seems to be the perfect number.  Friendly, fun and enough for our guide to cope with!

Can I bring my dog on the tour?

Due to the various food establishments we visit (and their rules and regulations), pets of any kind are not allowed on the tour.


To be honest Knutsford’s charm (pretty, narrow streets) can work against it.  Our pavements are narrow.  We will guide you through the town but please be aware at all time of the traffic and we always try not to block people who are just going about their everyday business!  Unfortunately, due to the narrow streets and the stairs you may have to navigate during the tour, the tour is not suited for those in a wheelchair.

About the Tour


Who will be taking us around?

Scranners!  Aka Sophie Elizabeth from Sophie’s Scran.  A food lover, writer and blogger.  Find out more by visiting

How should I dress during a tour?

Dress casually, comfortably and appropriately for the different seasons in North West England!

Are beverages served on the tour?

In a couple of our longer, sit down visits you will be able to purchase some drinks (alcoholic or otherwise).  Bring a bottle of water with you and all our eateries will be happy to fill it up for you.  Water is a great way to cleanse the palate between stops.

Are tours held in bad weather?

All our tours are held rain or shine. In the event of inclement weather, we will be able to go inside many of the establishments on the tour. We will not be outdoors for the entire 3 hours but you should still dress appropriately for the day’s weather conditions. It is impossible to cancel a tour at the very last minute due to many circumstances beyond our control. Before purchasing tickets please be aware of the possible weather conditions for that time of year.

How much food is there?

More than enough!  You will not require lunch afterwards, possibly a sofa to sleep it off!

Can you accommodate for food allergies?

Yes.  Please tell us when you book what your allergy is, and we will do our best.  Vegetarians and vegans and those with gluten intolerance can be catered for.  Those with severe nut allergies probably not.  If in any doubt, please email us –



How do I buy tickets?

Just click “Book” at the top of the page – the price is £45 (inc VAT) per person.

Is advance purchase required?

Yes.  It helps us plan better and ensure our tours are kept small, so everyone gets the best from them.

Are refunds given?

As a general rule no. In the unlikely event we had to cancel a tour due to extreme, severe weather (not general UK rain) we would offer an alternative date.

Are there child tickets?

No.  Our tours are for 14 years plus so there is one price for all – £45 per person.  We can offer bespoke tours for special occasions, including family groups so please email us with your requirements and we can take it from there.

Can I book a private tour?

Yes you can.  Please email for further information or call us on 01565 653929 and we can have a chat.